Leap Motion + PlayCanvas = Physics Playground

Today, we plugged a magical Leap Motion device into one of our USB ports and fired up PlayCanvas.


30 minutes and 20 lines of code later, we had a fun little demo app that shows the power of the device.

If you are the proud owner of your own Leap Motion, you can run the demo by clicking here.

And if you’re curious to see how we built the demo, why not explore the project and get inspired to build your own Leap Motion powered masterpiece!


HTML5 APIs for game developers

One of the best and worst things about making games for web browsers is that the platform is a moving target. New features are constantly proposed, specced out and implemented. At the moment while many features are in a nascent state, keeping track of which features are available in which browsers is a bit of a pain.

This page is an effort to supply a list of HTML5 APIs that I think game developers want to know about and their availability in different browsers. Hopefully we’ll gradually see this all go green.