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3D Asset Store Propsplanet upgrades from Unity to PlayCanvas

· 2 min read


Propsplanet is an online digital marketplace which sells 3D models to independent game developers. Previously powered by the Unity Web Player browser plugin, Propsplanet has this week relaunched using the PlayCanvas engine.

"Upgrading our online 3D preview from Unity to PlayCanvas has made a huge difference to the customer experience on our website. It lets us broaden our audience from desktop only to include every shopper including tablet and mobile users. Our early tests show that using PlayCanvas decreases page loading times by over 10x which has led to more item views and the average time on site has increased by over 500%.”

Propsplanet founder, Wale Adeyeye

“WebGL technology is a huge deal for online retailers. For companies like Propsplanet, having previews of their digital assets is vital. Previous technologies were limited by plugins which led to low engagement and were simply missing the enormous mobile market. We’re showing how PlayCanvas isn’t just able to power the next-generation of games but also help digital retailers and other websites use 3D on the web to raise engagement and increase sales.”

PlayCanvas CEO, Will Eastcott

Propsplanet used our cloud-hosted tools platform to build the interactive 3D application which let’s users preview hundreds of 3D models streamed dynamically from the server. Because PlayCanvas applications are standard web pages the preview application works on every platform.

You can see what an improvement we made to the Propsplanet user experience in this side-by-side comparison video

You can try the PlayCanvas-powered application on Propsplanet’s store website now.