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Editor API Beta Release

· 2 min read
Steven Yau
Partner Relations Manager

Over the past few months, we have been developing an Editor API that allows users to automate tedious tasks and enhance the base functionality.

We are excited to announce the beta release of the API today and are eager to see how the PlayCanvas community will leverage it to enhance their workflows!

The API provides capabilities to create and modify entities and assets extensively. Users can add or remove components, scripts, tags, and assets, create and instantiate templates, and much more.

Here's an excellent example where a context menu has been added to select entity parents in the hierarchy, speeding up scene editing:

Select Entity Parents From:

Or adding random entities to the scene:

Generate Random Boxes

Find more examples and access the documentation in our User Manual.

Join our Open Source Effort

The PlayCanvas team is a strong advocate for open source. This is why we've decided to open source the Editor API on GitHub. To build the best possible API, we need your help:

  • Log issues and feature requests (or leave feedback on those submitted by others).
  • Submit pull requests for fixes and API changes.
  • Watch the repo or individual issues to stay updated on progress in real-time.

Start experimenting and share your projects using the Editor API in the forums!