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Featured games, featured projects and activity stream

· One min read

The all new front-page shows an overview of all PlayCanvas activity.

Cloud Gate (The Bean)
New shiny thing

Today we're launching the new front-page for PlayCanvas users. When you log in and visit you'll now get a nice overview of activity across the whole PlayCanvas community.

Feature Games and Projects

We're highlighting the more interesting public projects and games so that you can get inspiration from what other people are building. If you want to get your project in the featured section make sure it's got nice image uploaded for the project, and let us know about it via the forums or twitter.


The activity stream shows recent changes to projects that you own. So you can see your team's activity or just remember what you were last working on.


Finally, we've included a little space for announcements from us. Check here when you log in, and we'll keep you up-to-date with the latest new features we've deployed.