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It’s certainly no surprise to learn that mobile phones account for over 40% of internet browsing, but still many web-based brand experiences, especially those with high quality visuals and WebGL graphics are only targeting desktop. Historically, this is for two reasons. A lack of awareness about the power available to mobile browsers: no one is building these projects, so no one knows they are possible. And poor performance from other engines: treating the web as an after-thought and a second class citizen means large downloads and slow frame rates.

With this in mind, the team at PlayCanvas set about creating a brand experience that could demonstrate what is possible in a mobile experience today. Using cutting edge visuals more at home in a AAA console game than in a mobile web-browser, we’ve created an interactive experience that any brand would be proud of.

BMW i8 Configurator

Mobile first

From low-end devices such as an iPhone 4S to the latest handset, this demo runs everywhere. PlayCanvas is exceedingly lightweight and efficient and as such is the only solution that can deliver realistic graphics to mobile devices.

Mixed media HTML5 & WebGL

Using the right-tool for the job is the best way to go. Utilizing WebGL for the 3D graphics and pure HTML and CSS for the interface, your design team doesn’t have to learn new tools and the 3D content can be integrated into any regular web site.

Built in hours not weeks


PlayCanvas’ tool-set is built for real-time collaboration and lets your designers and artists work without writing code. Let your coders build incredible experiences without worrying about device compatibility or hardcore maths. And share work with clients with the click of a button.

This is a revolution in content creation.