This last week was a frenzy of activity from the PlayCanvas founders. We trekked all over the UK to teach new people about PlayCanvas with demos and workshops.


Dave Running a Workshop
Co-founder Dave running a workshop on HTML5 Game Development

On Thursday, I went up to the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies in Nottingham and gave a workshop to a room full of interested developers. We covered the basics of a 3D engine, some quick samples of how Graphics, Cameras, Physics and Audio can be used, and then we ended the 3 hour session with the entire group building the Luna Lander demo that we showed you a few weeks ago.

At the end of the session, everyone had had a great time and had a playable game to show for it.


Open Arcade
The Open Arcade at Nottingham GameCity

On Friday, we were demoing at the Open Arcade in Nottingham town centre. The Open Arcade was an amazing space put together by the GameCity organizers to let game developers show off their work and also provided a communal place for playing the latest and upcoming independent game releases.



On Sunday, our other co-founder Will held a short session at the Mozilla Festival in London.

Again, a room full of people got a quick introduction to HTML5 Game Engines and 3D game development. They then dived in and this time built a working version of Pong, like in our other tutorial video.

If you run a university CS or gamedev society or a programming meetup and you’d like us to come and do session with your group, let us know via email or Twitter.