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PlayCanvas Game Jam

· 2 min read

Yesterday, at PlayCanvas we hosted our first physical Game Jam. By physical, I mean we had all the developers in the same location, not that we made them run around and do push-ups!

Game Jammers
The PlayCanvas Game Jam Dungeon

Based out of the 80s sci-fi haven that is the Virgin Media Game Space, a group of 9 of us spent the day hacking on brand new games, modelling manga robots, and techno beats.

Yes, I know you wish you were there.

nebulousflynn making strange noises

For us this is an excellent opportunity to see developers at work, using our tools together to prototype ideas and build stuff.

Your feedback is what makes PlayCanvas great.

roseninja and jellycakes
roseninja and jellycakes working on platformer "Squeaky Wheel"

Go check out users roseninja, jellycakes, wilbefast, nebulousflynn and balkango who were all building games yesterday. It's early days for Flying robots of Death and Squeaky Wheel, but terrific work for an afternoon of coding and modelling.

wilbefast concentrating on make robots kill each other

We've got more Game Jams coming up. Will is at onGameStart in Poland next week.

Here's a little vine of Flying robots of Death for those who don't have two GamePads to plug-in and play.

[iframe class="vine-embed" src="" width="600" height="600"]