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PlayCanvas Referrals Program

· 2 min read

The PlayCanvas Community is growing all the time and we know that some of that growth is down to your hard work in promoting the engine.

Last month we introduced the Devlog to help strengthen the PlayCanvas community and this month we're launching our Referrals program. It's our way of saying thank you for using and sharing our engine. PlayCanvas simply wouldn't work without you, our community.

How Does It Work?

Simply share your unique referral link where and when you please and if a user signs up to PlayCanvas using your link, you get 5% of anything they spend on PlayCanvas for their first year. The more people that sign up with the link that you shared, the more benefits you can receive.

5% of everything

That's right! So if you refer a user who signs up to an Org 20 account, you'll get 5% of $400 (that's $20) every month for their first year.


Method 1:

  1. Hover over your profile icon (in the top right hand corner) while logged into PlayCanvas

  2. Select Referrals from the menu

  3. Find your Referral URL in the box entitled Your Code

Method 2:

  1. Follow this link

With your help we're growing PlayCanvas into the best place online to develop videogames. Help us become and even bigger community and we can share the rewards with you.