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PlayCanvas Update 21/9/2014

· 2 min read

New news and old news: plans, iOS support, etc.

After a short summer hiatus, we're back with regular PlayCanvas feature updates.

iOS Support

In light of the launch of iOS 8 and the new iPhones. We've launched a great new feature which lets you get your PlayCanvas game straight on the App Store. For Pro account holders we now let you download a XCode project which builds quickly and painlessly into a iOS 8 program ready to run natively on your iPhone or iPad.

Take a look at how easy this is in the video we published this month.

Pricing plans

We're adding additional plans to our pricing structure to better accommodate bigger users of PlayCanvas. Take a look at our announcement post.


Synchronous Components and Cloning

This has been on the horizon a little while. With this new update to the engine, adding components to an entity and cloning it into new entity are now synchronous. Making your code much simpler:

  var e = this.entity.clone();
// e is ready to use

Previously in this code, the clone method took at least one frame to execute. This is a big improvement when you are creating Entities on the fly.

Publish over existing applications

Another little improvement that'll save you time. If you publish an application with the same name as an existing application you'll be prompted to overwrite the older app.

Application view counts

This is just the start of something big, but we now display how many people have viewed your published game on the application page. Just take a look at Doom 3 Gangnam Style!

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