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PlayCanvas Update 25/7/14

· 2 min read

Welcome back PlayCanvas fans,  we have a few new developments, so here are the updates for this week:

Features and Fixes

  • We've added a new opaque blend mode for materials - just set the 'Blend Type' option to 'None' in the lowermost box in the Material Editor. Just a reminder: left-click on any object twice to display the Material Editor. Note that this now means that when you set the material opacity in the engine you also have to manually (set the 'blendType' to pc.scene.BLEND_NORMAL) - this is no longer done automatically.
  • Fixed some general issues with correctly rendering models with transparent materials.
  • 'asset.resource' now works for material assets.
  • The GLSL generator in the engine was rewritten to be simpler and more efficient. While you will not see any visual difference, this forms a base to enable us to create some really nice features in the future - stay tuned!

Other News

  • Will, our CEO, spent Thursday evening mentoring indie game devs and other games industry folks at The Games Quarter at IDEALondon. London's game dev scene just grows and grows and it's great that PlayCanvas can be involved and support other new up and coming start ups.
  • Dave presented PlayCanvas at the Tech City Elevator Pitch event and totally nailed it, taking us into the final 25. Watch this space for news on the next round, due to be held on August 5th!

That's all the updates for this week folks, keep using PlayCanvas, stay motivated and make your games and apps as good as they can be. See you next week!

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