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PLAYHACK with ARM: Chromebook Winner

· 2 min read

Last month we worked with ARM to launch our first Prize PLAYHACK. They provided the great prize of a Samsung Chromebook 2 13.3".

70 developers forked the starter project and slaved over the coding for the last month. ARM and PlayCanvas spent a tough few hours playing all the games and we've picked out a winner.

Space Buggy


This month's PLAYHACK winner is Space Buggy a compulsive driving game. Which features tracks generated from stock charts. The aim is to safely reach the end of the track without over-turning or running out of fuel.

PlayCanvas user rzinurov is already a previous PLAYHACK winner and this month his determination and hard-work has paid off. Space Buggy is a polished and addictive stunt game. Lmao makes great use of the Buggy model that we gave away for the competition and also used simple textures and boxes to generate tracks creating simple yet compelling graphics. Nice touches include the engine start and headlights on the car, the "jukebox" playing different tracks and the integration of Google Play Services for leaderboards.

See it in action:

Space Buggy animation


Massive congratulations to rzinurov, your Chromebook will be winging it's way over to you shortly.

We want to make a couple of special mentions to alphacodemonkey for his addictive high-score chaser Boarddrive and lizzip for dinosaur escape game Desperately Fleeing Susan

Optimized for ARM Mali

We've been working hard with ARM to make sure that PlayCanvas runs really well on their Mali mobile GPUs. You'll see this in the Seemore demo we developed in association with ARM.

Seemore Demo

Find out more about Arm Mali GPUs.