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PLAYHACK with PlayJam: Winners

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It's finally over. The games were completed a few weeks ago and 6 judges have toiled over the games and struggled to grade and rate them. But we have a decision and boy it was close...

Over the course of 6 weeks, over 150 teams forked our original project and worked their little gamedev butts off to finish the games in time. In the end we had over 30 playable entries - more than enough to keep our judges busy.

PlayJam Logo

First, we want to send a big Thank You to PlayJam our partner and sponsor for this PLAYHACK.

PlayJam is a leading game publisher from the UK currently launching a new publishing/gaming platform. Winners of this PLAYHACK automatically qualify for launch and publication on this new platform and PlayJam representatives will be in touch. PlayJam is constantly on the look out for new and exciting HTML5 games, so please don't hesitate to contact them for details, funding or even just advice. (

Now, lets get to the results!

First Place - £2000


Orbital Survival

Congratulations to el-pepi who takes the grand prize with this fast paced orbital shooter. Defend your tiny moon from incoming UFOs and slimy blobs using only the upgradable gun on your robot arm. There's nothing more terrifying than seeing a rogue 5-shot-burst looping over the horizon back towards you. Our judges said: "Simple but fun and keeps you coming back for more"

Second Place - £1000


Galaxies: Combat

Congrats to dstalk and maungers who take (a very close) second place. An arena style shoot-em-up. Take on wave after wave of increasingly tough spaceships and earn money to upgrade your UFO with new weapons. Displaying impressive polish from the explosions to the upgrade tree and the UI. Our judges said: "nice physics, intuitive controls".

Third Place - £500


Space Pirates

An impressive amount of work in 6 weeks by whydoidoit nabbed him third place. Bomberman meets Pac-man in this spherical dot collector game. Oh and networked multiplayer too! Our judges said: "interesting gameplay mix, nice use of the engine"

Special Mentions

A few special mentions to games that caught the judges attention but didn't quite make the top three.

  1. Imperial's Secret Plan is a survival horror game. Our judges said: "Very nice idea - a superbly atmospheric puzzle adventure game.".
  2. Into Deep Space is gravity slingshot game. Our judges said: "Beautiful graphics, flawed by some technical shortcomings.".
  3. Robo Racer is a classic racing game. Our judges said: "Good solid entry.".

Play All Entries

We've put together a special page which has every "game" that entered.

Go and try them out

Don't forget to show the creators some love and star the projects you like!