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DOOH and PlayCanvas debut Giant Space Invaders at Cannes Lions

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Cannes Lions is the world's biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry.

Giant Space Invaders
Passers-by playing the world's biggest space invaders on their smartphones

Dominating the sea-front is the Grand Cannes, a vast 18 meter wide LED screen that sits atop the Grand Hotel. DOOH, a world leader in Digital Out Of Home experiences, wanted to create a gaming experience people could play on that screen to wow the world of advertising.

"At DOOH, we're constantly devising new and refreshing ways to engage consumers as they go about their lives." said Andrew Newman, CEO of DOOH. "Gaming has a key role in that. So at Cannes Lions, we're enabling passers by to play the world's largest game of Space Invaders. And since everybody has a smartphone, everybody can play. Just visit a web link to load up the DOOHpad, our virtual controller. To build DOOH Invaders, we needed a partner who understands the intersection of gaming and advertising. The natural choice was PlayCanvas and they've built something truly special."

DOOH Invaders
DOOH Invaders: Running on the 20m wide Grand Cannes

The DOOHPad that runs on your smartphone

"We're absolutely delighted to have worked with DOOH on this campaign." says Will Eastcott, PlayCanvas' CEO. "DOOH are the masters of high profile, head-turning marketing campaigns and this one marks a new high. PlayCanvas technology enables super-accessible, frictionless gaming experiences that are delivered over the web and can be played by all. No need to visit an app store. Just instant fun. PlayCanvas opens the door to a whole new world of interactive possibilities for advertisers."

DOOH Invaders is playable throughout the Cannes Lions festival. So if you're in the area, swing by the Grand Hotel and see if you can beat the latest high score and impress everybody on the beach!

PlayCanvas on Hotel
PlayCanvas rules from on high!