PlayCanvas was proud to be one of the partners for this weekend’s Great British Summer Game Jam. An event put together by Autodesk and Mind Candy where a group of extremely talented game developers got together over a weekend, teamed up and built a game in just 20 hours!


The Game Jam was to be judged by some leading industry figures like Ella Romanos, Harvey Elliot and Roberta Lucca and there was a special award for the Most Accessible game, with features designed to make the game more playable by gamers with disabilities.

PlayCanvas Jammers

PlayCanvas added to the prize fund with free annual licenses for the winners but we also were on hand to provide technical support, tea-making and general dogs body services.

Several of the 10-or-so teams used PlayCanvas to create their game but it was Team “Godlike” who really shone out.

Team Godlike

Made up of a group of seasoned game jam veterans, Team Godlike were nothing if not ambitious. Their game Sunshi*e was a Katamari Damacy inspired design, which saw the player evolve from tiny bee, to majestic swift (sadly they didn’t get as far as the concorde they had in their initial plans), as your perspective grows the British Isles are revealed. All to an “English Country Garden” soundtrack.

Play Sunshi*e or check out the project

It’s a great achievement for a weekend, and a glowing testament of how powerful PlayCanvas is, to for a team and collaborate to build a game in such a short space of time.

Team Godlike’s efforts were rewarded as they came away with 2nd place, and have won themselves a great selection of prizes, though sadly not this most excellent trophy. Better luck next time team!


If you’re entering a game jam in the future, why not give PlayCanvas a try? Don’t forget to put in a little practice first though!