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HTML5 Game Development Community Meet Up

· 2 min read
Community Manager

Pizza, Beer and No Developer Tears

Last Thursday we hosted an event for around 50 members of the London HTML5 Game Development community at our Idea London office. After striking a deal with Papa John's, we had a great talk from Amazon's Jesse Freeman and caught up with a community that we are proud to be a part of.


Responsive Game Design

After some catching up over a slice (or three) of pizza, Amazon's Gaming Evangelist Jesse Freeman discussed the challenges of making your game cross-platform and resolving this with Responsive Design. Offering advice on resolution, scaling, mechanics, syncing data and coding for cross platform, Jesse's even used his games Super Jetroid and Super Paper Monster Smasher to illustrate his points.

But what was the gist of Jesse's talk? Put simply, consistency. The modern gamer demands and should have access to the same gaming experience no matter what device they use or playing style they adopt. Hopefully Jesse's presentation will feed the attendee's ambitious cross platform ideas and projects.

London HTML5 Game Dev. Community

While there are HTML5 communities all over the globe, if you are a developer (or interested in game development) in or around London you might be interested in the London communities events and online group. Not only can you become part of a growing community but you can learn, advise or simply gossip about HTML5 technologies.

In just over two weeks we are holding a presentation night at the Mozilla London office where amongst other speakers our CTO Dave Evans will be giving a talk on Virtual Reality for the Web. Anyone is able to attend! simply sign up here.