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IDEALondon Welcomes PlayCanvas

· 2 min read

Last Summer, PlayCanvas participated in the world's premier startup accelerator Techstars. Unlike most other accelerators, Techstars continues to host participating companies several months after the programme finishes. So when we left for our recent US tour, we also moved out of Warner Yard, Techstars' base of operations in London.

And now that we're back from our travels, we've found a new home: IDEALondon. Check out our new digs:

PlayCanvas' London Office

So what's IDEALondon? It's an innovation centre located in the heart of Tech City, London's red hot answer to California's Silicon Valley. The building itself is owned and operated by UCL, one of the world's finest universities. Joining them are DC Thomson and Cisco Systems, two great companies with a track record of working with dynamic startup businesses.

We are delighted that IDEALondon have selected PlayCanvas to join their family and we look forward to working with them to take PlayCanvas to the next level.

Check out some of the UK team, all set up and ready to roll:

PlayCanvas Team
Most of Team PlayCanvas

But wait!!!  Who's that young fellow sitting next to Kevin? It's our new team member, the amazing Maksims Mihejevs. You can call him Max. We actually met him first when he joined our HTML5 Game Dev Meetup - from that day, we tried to recruit him and finally, he's given in! He joins us from Zeebox and will be flexing his coding muscles to make PlayCanvas even more responsive, scalable and stable. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with his technical musings.

That's all for now, true believers.


Vaios, our man in Greece, was jealous that he missed out on the team photo in the new office. So Kevin kindly "retouched" the photo to include him. I like the medals personally.

PlayCanvas Team
Team PlayCanvas