In case you didn’t know, PlayCanvas is based in London in the UK. There is a thriving game dev scene in London and the rest of the UK, but there was nothing specific to growing HTML5 game development scene. So we decided to help kickstart one.

I started the London HTML5 Game Developers group on to meet other people who saw HTML5 as playing a big role in the future of game development. And it didn’t disappoint. The first meetup had 50 people sign up in only a couple of days and we’ve now got over 200 members in our group. It’s a great crowd of smart devs creating interesting things in 2D and 3D, for both mobile and desktop. If you are based in London or just in the area, you should definitely sign up and come along to one of our nights.

Presentation Night

This month we held or first Presentation Night. Mozilla kindly hosted us at their space in London and we saw some great demos, including Unreal 3 running in the latest Firefox, and of course PlayCanvas courtesy of Will.

Here are a few pictures:

Great turnout, practically a full house

Max and Maciej
Max and Maciej showing off their game-hack games

Unreal 3 in the Browser
Chris from Mozilla demoing Unreal 3 in the browser

Thanks to everyone who came along, in particular Chris from Mozilla who stayed late after work to host the event.

If you didn’t come this time, you should come next time!