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Ludum Dare 28: PlayCanvas Round-Up

· 2 min read

So Ludum Dare 28 came and went last weekend and the theme was 'You Only Get One'. Here's a quick round up of the superb PlayCanvas games that were submitted this time around:

This is a point and click adventure. You only get one (game) hour to get all the things Ann needs to leave the house. It's based on video game radio show One Life Left.

Going Around

A 'one button control' game where you drive a truck along a randomly generated track. You can only control the car by accelerating (using LMB, space bar or screen touch). You only get one minute to drive as far as you can!


You only get one... body! And since you are a HUNGRY self-eating centipede, your tail wants to eat it! So you need to collect food as fast as you can in order to stay alive. This is an endless-runner, Snake type of game in which your body gets smaller and smaller over time and you have to collect power ups to grow it back up for as long as you can.

Hungry Centipede

In this game you only have one coin/ball, you must use it to save as many people as possible. The game is based on a charity coin cascade, but it seems to be magical (or broken). Depending on where the coin lands, you might save people, or get more coins. Keep going until you run out of coins and save as many people as possible. In game, choose one of the top four slots to drop the ball through, then click 'DROP THE BALL!' to drop it.

Charitable Donation

You only get one enemy. These two rectangles hate each other. Knock the other off the bridge to win. This game is 2 player only. Player 1 uses A and D to move left and right, W and S to spin, and G to jump. Player 2 uses the arrow keys to move and spin, and space to jump.

The Bridge