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Meet the PlayCanvas team: Kevin Rooney

· 2 min read
Community Manager


In our latest instalment of this series we chat to Kevin, PlayCanvas' Creative Director from Sligo, Ireland.

How did you get into the video games industry?

I developed educational language games in a previous start-up, but had always wanted to get involved in real games. PlayCanvas was my chance.

Can you briefly describe you role at PlayCanvas?

I’m the Creative Director, so I look after the design side of things. We are just getting warmed up!

Favorite aspect of PlayCanvas' service?

I think creating games is a very natural and intuitive thing for people to do, but often with creating computer games the technical aspects can make it seem like a mysterious beast. PlayCanvas is dropping this barrier bit by bit and that’s something I really like.

How is PlayCanvas changing the way people make games?

It’s pretty amazing to have one code base for these games, so it can be played on multiple device types and shared around with just a link. That’s pretty powerful stuff in a world full of different devices and operating systems.

Where do you see web based gaming in the future?

Probably firing laser beams from its eyeballs at passing games consoles throughout the galaxy.

Describe one interesting thing about yourself?

When I was 17, I represented Ireland in Basketball for a number of years! (Editor note: Kevin and Vaios’ ‘mano e mano’ Shoot-out is coming to a court near you)

The Quick Fire round (this is where things get a little interesting)

Zelda or Final fantasy?


COD or Battlefield?


Mario or Sonic?


Favorite game of all time?

Oooooo tricky. I have lots of those. At the moment it's Battlefield 4, but only when my friends are playing at the same time!

Greatest Gaming Achievement?

Being part of the team that made SWOOOP!!