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New Feature: GitHub and private repository support

· 2 min read

GitHub Octocat

Google I/O certainly kept us busy last month, but we've still found the time to keep pushing out those features.

This weeks big ticket item is integration with GitHub and support for private repositories on both Bitbucket and GitHub.

Don't reinvent sliced bread

When we started developing PlayCanvas, we knew that we wanted to change the way games are made, but we didn't want to reinvent everything. Programmers have been honing the software development craft for decades and we don't want to mess with that, which is why we knew integration with source control systems would be essential.

Up until now we supported public Bitbucket repositories but as of today we're pleased to extend our support to the web's most popular code hosting site, GitHub.

GitHub really is a best of breed web application, and their ideals are tightly aligned with ours. Seamless collaboration and workflows, and now using GitHub with PlayCanvas is just as seamless.

We love you all equally

We love GitHub, but me, I'm a Mercurial man, which is why we're giving equal love to Bitbucket and GitHub with our second feature to announce, syncing private repositories.

To use GitHub or Bitbucket accounts select your account settings page from the top navigation and go to Services. One click to authorize your account and then you can sync any of the repositories from your Bitbucket or GitHub user. Now head over the Code tab in your Depots and fill in the details of which repository you want to link up with your project.