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onGameStart Game Jam

· One min read

On Wednesday, 18th September, I flew out to Warsaw to run a workshop for onGameStart, the world's most awesome conference for HTML5 game developers.

onGameStart Logo

Seriously, if you've never been, you're missing out. It's fun fun fun! The workshop broke down into three parts: a crash course on how to use PlayCanvas, an exercise reproducing a simple PlayCanvas game, and then the main event, a freestyle game jam!

onGameStart Game Jam

onGameStart Game Jam

There were 22 participants, so I was kept very busy answering questions and helping the teams make progress. Considering almost everybody was new to PlayCanvas, the results were fantastic! Here are a couple of highlights. First up, we have a great use of physics in this local multiplayer football game by Krzysztof Wieczorek (plus friend). Controls are WASD for player 1 and arrow keys for player 2.

onGameStart Game Jam Football

Next up, we have procedurally generated plants written by Ivan Popelyshev and Wesa Aapro. Simply press space a few times and see how your garden grows!

onGameStart Game Jam Trees

Congratulations to everybody who took part on the day. So much creativity for only a 3-hour jam!! We can't wait for the next one.