In Part 1 we introduced PlayCanvas Answers, our Q&A site for getting technical help from the PlayCanvas community.

Now we expanding our community features into the world of forums and random internet chatter. Though with the cutting edge technical flair that you’ve come to expect from PlayCanvas.

PlayCanvas Discussion

PlayCanvas Forum
PlayCanvas Discussion

PlayCanvas Discussion is our community forum. Unlike Answers which is focussed on getting you solutions to problems, Discussion is for long rambling trains of thought, showing off your work, arguing back and forth about how best to implement a performant flocking algorithm in JavaScript and general holding court about all things Game Dev, HTML5 and PlayCanvas related.

A little note on Discourse

Discourse logo
Civilized Discourse

Forum software is perhaps one of the most neglected areas of web development, it never seemed to have it’s web 2.0 moment like photo-sharing. Perhaps because all the hackers we’re busy creating another Project Management SAAS platform. But now Jeff Atwood, of Coding Horror and Stack Overflow fame, and his team have created Discourse. A fancy new forum, designed to be great for communities and civilized discourse. Perfect for what we want for our community.

Discourse is new software, so we’re constantly updating it from their latest code. That means there maybe a few teething troubles but we think it’s worth it. We hope you do to.

See you on the forum.