It’s Friday, which means feature update time. Here’s a list of the latest features we’ve released for you.

Asset Folders


In case you missed it. We’ve made huge improvements to asset management in the Editor. Folders and tags mean you can organize your assets nicely both in the editor and at runtime.

Performance Profiler


With mobile forming such a large part of the web these days, performance is more critical than ever before. That’s why we’ve released an awesome profiling tool to help quickly get to the bottom of performance problems and get your app running fast.

Model Asset Metadata

Model Metadata

More information is available about your model data in the Editor including number of vertices, triangles and more.

Curve Editor Improvements


The Curve Editor now has zoom (use the mouse wheel), scroll (use the right mouse button) and copy and paste to help you create awesome particle effects. Did you know you can also use the curve editor in your script attributes? Well, now you do.

New Developer Site

We’ve given our developer site some well needed love and attention. A new look, better API reference, better search and new tutorials. Plus it’s now being translated into Japanese and Russian.

Loads More

So many other features to make your life easier:

  • vec2, vec3, vec4 script attributes
  • SCREEN blending mode
  • MULTIPLICATIVE2x blending mode
  • New specular occlusion mode
  • more, more, more

Try out the new features for yourself: