There has been plenty going on at HQ since our last update and it is all making game development on our engine that little bit easier. Here’s a run down of engine optimizations, new features and what happened behind the scenes at PlayCanvas this week.

Team HexPenguin’s PlayCanvas game ‘Spacetifacts’ won the Malmo Game Jam

Asset Lists

We now include Assets lists for each Pack when running your game, allowing you to load a Pack with all Assets. This means you can make multiple levels, each as a Pack and load them at runtime, reducing the amount of data you have to download upfront.

Ranks and Nominations

We have been paid some incredible compliments in the last week or so. In particular Develop Magazine ranked us as the top WebGL game engine in their Develop 100 gaming tech list. We have also been nominated for a Technical Innovation award by Develop Magazine as they placed in the same category as products like the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2. Although these accolades from Develop have left us feeling particularly grateful, it is great that the game development industry in general is recognizing our recent efforts.


On Tuesday we hosted  the London HTML5 Game Development Meet Up at the London HQ of Mozilla. There were some great talks from Jesse Freeman (on HTML5 vs Unity), Karl Bunyan (who spoke on wrapping games with his app PhoneGap) and our very own Senior Engineer Max (who spoke about creating colorTanks in a game jam). At one point during his talk, Max edited his game ‘colorTanks’ in the PlayCanvas Editor live and had most of the attendees playing the game at the same time. Can’t wait for the next meet up!


LizziP and her Team Slam the MalmoJammo

Team HexPenguin used PlayCanvas in the Malmo Gam Jam to create their winning game. We love seeing progress in our communities projects but to hear that PlayCanvas users are using the engine to win (in the intense conditions of a game jam) is incredible. Why not play team HexPenguins award winning game here?

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