Despite a tide of sickness this week we still have a great list of updates for all you PlayCanvasers! What would be the phrase you use to describe someone who uses PlayCanvas? I don’t know… anyway, the updates for this week:

New Features and Bug fixes

Our Engineering team have been busy:

  • Updates to the Developer Site. We now have full search functionality on which makes finding what you need much easier. We’ve also made the API reference a lot nicer to look at.
  • Improved camera zoom in the Designer: zooming the camera within the PlayCanvas Designer could at times be too slow, depending on where your viewpoint was focused this has now been fixed – no more slow-down!.
  • Fixed some issues with creating new materials: sometimes the Create Material button in the Designer would be wrongly disabled but this is now, of course, fixed.
  • Creating and selecting materials is now faster.
  • Some CSS fixes in the dashboard.
  • And finally, we fixed some WebGL errors that occurred when the canvas was too small.

Some engine fixes too:

  • Script attributes of type ‘vector’ are now be correctly converted to pc.Vec3 at runtime
  • Light and camera representations are no longer be shown in the Designer for disabled lights and cameras

Develop conference

Develop Conference
Looks fancy doesn’t it? You’d think developers were paid as much as footballers… Dave isn’t actually in this picture by the way, so if you’re playing ‘Where’s Wally’, don’t, it’ll never end.

We were incredibly pleased to be nominated for the Technical Innovation Award at the prestigious Develop Awards last week. David Evans, CTO and co-founder of PlayCanvas put in an appearance, but sadly, we lost out to Oculus and their Rift. Next year, however, the story will be very different.

Develop Magazine

We have been featured in a double-page spread in the venerable Develop Magazine. In the July 2014 issue (issue number 151), our CEO Will Eastcott is interviewed about the unique features of PlayCanvas, our drive to simplify collaboration between game developers and why PlayCanvas went open-source. Check it out!

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