PlayCanvas Update 18/7/14

Welcome PlayCanvas fans, tea and coffee spillages have menaced the office this week, but still we carry on, here are the updates for this week:

Features and Fixes

  • New Gizmos for you to play with. We’ve enhanced the Designer gizmo controls. See the screenshots and descriptions below.
  • Fixed a small error when adding a script to a folder.
  • Exporting your Packs has received a performance boost – it’s now even quicker to show the world the results of your hard work.

Updated Gizmos


Translation Gizmo: now you can move any selected in 2 dimensions at the same time by clicking on the planes in between the two axes you wish to translate the object over. Also the view of the planes react to your viewpoint – if you look at the model along the x axis you will only see the y-z plane.

Blog_gizmo3 scale

Scaling Gizmo: a new uniform scale control has been added – access by clicking the new white block and drag the mouse to scale in all directions.

UKIE Games Expo 

Earlier this week, our esteemed CEO Will Eastcott felt like showing some people the future of web-based gaming and so headed off to the Liverpool International Festival for Business and their games development showcase to demonstrate the PlayCanvas platform.


Philippa Moore, the artist responsible for SWOOOP’s brilliant 3D visuals will be demoing SWOOOP at the LadyCade tonight (Friday 18th) at the London Game Space. Actually, while were on the subject, now might be a good time to try and beat your high score, play it here.

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Adam Abd El-Razzak