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PlayCanvas Update 5/12/14

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Community Manager

Its been a year full of huge announcements for us and the first iteration our Asset Store is certainly no small matter. From the PlayCanvas Store to a Ludum Dare deal (and everything in between), here's what has happened at PlayCanvas over the past week.

PlayCanvas Store


Today we launched the Beta version of the PlayCanvas Store! While the current version only has around 40 3D models in total, as the PlayCanvas Store grows we should hope to see thousands of game ready assets become available to our community. Try the beta for free at

This preview version of the store features assets from 4 of our great partners:

Soon we'll be giving all of our PlayCanvas users the chance to become vendors, opening up their assets to over 20,000 PlayCanvas game developers. If you're interested in becoming a vendor for the PlayCanvas store, please get in touch:


Cubemap Textures

We now support cubemap assets. In turn have also deployed a cubemap editor which allows you to create cubemaps by assigning 6 images to each slot of the cube. To make your materials appear reflective you can reference a cubemap, then the material will reflect the sides of the cube (pending that you assign a cubemap to the Reflection section of a material).

Skybox Scene Setting

We also support Scene Skyboxes. Before if you wanted to make a skybox you needed an Entity with a skybox component, but now you can create a cubemap and then assign that cubemap to the skybox slot in the Scene Settings.

Material Upgrades

We've deployed more and more interesting features to the material editor. Look out for more big things happening here.


Our particle system beta is moving forwards. We're getting close to releasing this for everyone. Get in touch if you'd like to try it out early.




We are 4 days in to our 2nd game jam and this month you talented developers have a pretty appropriate model to play with. We've given you Santa and one of his 'normal nosed' reindeer to keep you company this December. Find out everything you need to know here.

Ludum Dare 31 - DEAL

If a month seems like too long to make a game. This weekend is Ludum Dare 31, a 48 hour game making competition. It's a great way to get a feel for the full process of imagining, designing, building and then shipping a game.

We're running a special deal this weekend. If you enter Ludum Dare and complete a game using PlayCanvas we'll give you a FREE PRO 15 account for a full year. Can't say fairer than that!

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