PLAYHACK is our monthly game jam. We give you the starter kit for a game. You take the basics and use your imagination and skill to build a new game. Our favorite game at the end of the month will be showcased to thousands of PlayCanvas users and featured on the site. The only rules, start from our project and have fun.


This month’s PLAYHACK is a little different to previous ones.

Level Design Challenge

First, we’ve built the basics of a simple rolling ball game. A full set of platforms, a ball and some teleporters. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to take this game and run with it

  1. Design new levels

  2. Re-skin the textures

  3. Add new features

  4. Polish the experience

Second, you’ll be using our the brand new version of the PlayCanvas Editor. This is an opportunity to put the new tools through their paces.


PLAYHACK starts right now and runs until the end of April. On the 1st of May we’ll go through all the projects forked from our starter project with a published game and pick our favorite.

The winner will join an elite club of PLAYHACK past winner’s and their game will be featured on our explore page. Bonus points are awarded for posting to your devlog, posting screenshots to Twitter and Facebook and generally sharing the development process with everyone. As a community we will build better things.

How it works:

  1. Fork the project

  2. Design, build, improve.

  3. Post your devlogs, screenshots, etc

  4. Publish your game.

  5. On the 1st May, we’ll pick our favorite.

What are you waiting for!