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PLAYHACK - We challenge you to a jewel!

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We were lucky enough to see some amazing festive entries in PLAYHACK December, but January isn't really known for a lot. So we have put our brains together to give you some sparkly assets to play with.

How does it work?

PLAYHACK starts today! We'll provide you with a 3D model and your mission is to turn it into a game. The only rule: you must use the model somewhere in your game.

It works like this:

  • Fork this month's project into your account
  • Use the project and it's contents to build a new game.
  • Post to your devlog about your game throughout the month
  • At the end of the month we'll look through all the projects that were forked from the original.
  • We'll pick our favorite and feature it on the front page of PlayCanvas for everyone to see.

The Models


4 Shiny Gems.

For all you magpies out there, forking our PLAYHACK project this month will give you access to the 'precious' assets above. Although there is a chance you'll download these jewels, turn into Gollum and not get any where with your game, we are hoping that you'll take inspiration from many industry defining games.

For instance, platform action series Spyro made great use of jewels in the late 90's and more recently Bejeweled pushed gems into a great flash puzzle format.



Puzzle game, platform game, physics game? Any game, any style, the choice is yours.


The process of judging will be as broad as the rules. You won't be marked on the strength of code, graphics of theme, the winning game will be the project that we enjoy the most, simple.

We will be holding things down here at HQ during the month long Game Jam by sharing some of the best screen shots, Devlog entries and general updates of your progress.

On the 1st of February we will judge your projects and our favorite will be featured on the PlayCanvas landing page

Last Month

With Side Scrolling Santa's, YouTube leaks, Medieval houses and plenty of obstacles, last month's winter extraordinaire was arguably our favorite PLAYHACK so far.


Our favorite entry is 'Five For Christmas' by felladrin.

Making great use of light and particles, felladrin created a "topdown survival game where the player (Santa) had his location revealed and all the kids are now trying to reach him. The player must throw gifts for the children, so that they don't delay the delivery of gifts this Christmas". Go visit the game project and give it a star and leave a comment.