Hot on the heels of the new scripting system, we’re happy to announce the arrival of realtime chat in the PlayCanvas Editor!


PlayCanvas has always been designed with collaboration in mind. Developers should be able to seamlessly work together to build scenes. But until now, you’ve had to use Skype, Slack or some other chat app alongside the PlayCanvas Editor. But no longer! Added to the bottom left of the Editor’s 3D view, there is now an expandable chat control. Team members in the current scene can now easily communicate and coordinate actions!

There are lots of cool features in the chat control. For example, hyperlinks are automatically detected. And desktop notifications are sent if you happen to have switched to another tab:


Try it out and give us your suggestions on how we can make it even better. And if you’re a WebGL developer that’s never tried PlayCanvas before, you’re seriously missing out! Sign up today at!