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Snappy New Update

· One min read
Community Manager

Game developers and the idea of perfection are never far apart and we are pleased to announce a new feature that allows you to be as precise as your project demands. If you were thinking what we were thinking then...SNAP!

snap screenshot

Due to popular demand (coming in particular from PlayCanvas user Crefossus), Entities now move incrementally as default. This feature allows you to quickly measure and perfectly place where your Entities need to be, no need to rotate the camera to make sure your items are perfectly in line.

However if the fate of your game rests on being between our increments, have no fear. Holding shift will disable Snap while in the PlayCanvas Designer, you can also check and toggle the status of the snap function by using the magnet icon on your toolbar. Here's some help, just in case.

Snap Button on Toolbar

Read more in the User Manual.

Happy Snapping!