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Plan Updates: More Storage, More Features, Same Price

· 2 min read
Steven Yau
Partner Relations Manager

Creativity makes our world a better place. PlayCanvas unlocks creativity through collaborative, frictionless tools that enable everybody to build, share and play together.

With PlayCanvas, getting started with game development is as simple as clicking on a hyperlink. No installation, available wherever you have access to a browser and easily shareable for a real-time collaborative workspace.

Super Snappy Bowling
Super Snappy Bowling from NOWWA

Until today, some aspects of the platform have been limited or restricted. This just holds back the creativity of our community. So today, we have some incredibly exciting news. We have updated our plans to make our tools even more accessible for everyone at all levels!

New Plans

We are now giving everyone:

Best of all, this comes at no extra cost! 🎉🎉🎉

If you're new to PlayCanvas, now is the perfect time to get started! We hope you enjoy these new features and updates.

One last thing! We are super-excited to spread the word - can you help us with a retweet?

Organizations & new plans

· 2 min read

Today we're pleased to launch Organizations for PlayCanvas users along with an updated and simplified set of plans including unlimited projects and more storage.


An organization offers you a convenient way to manage users and projects for businesses or for larger projects. With an organization you can specify multiple administrators who can add and remove users with project based permissions. Additionally, organization plans come with a convenient single invoice for your business.

Organization Account Page

New Plans

Our new plans offer big bonuses over our previous plans including unlimited projects and increased storage.

Previously we offered 7 different plans with an array of options which has led to confusion in the past. Today, we're simplifying our plans down to just 3 and you'll be pleased to hear they include a big increase in the number of projects you can make and storage. Here's what the new plans look like:

New Plans

We now offer two paid plans and the biggest change you'll see is that they both have Unlimited Private Projects and a big boost in storage space. The second change is that they both follow a simple per-seat model so you only pay for the number of people in your team.

The Free plan is great for getting started, learning about PlayCanvas or making your first few applications. With a free plan you can make an unlimited number of public projects and there are no limits on how many other users you can add to your public projects.

If it's just you but you want to work with private projects, the Personal plan is ideal. This plan is great for individual developers or for small teams. It is just $15 per user/month, you can make unlimited private projects and you get 1 GB storage for your assets. The Personal plan is also required if you want to download the HTML of your project and host it on your own server.

If you're using PlayCanvas for your business, the Organization plan is for you. With this plan you can manage your team members, remove the PlayCanvas loading screen and more features like offline archiving for your projects. The Organization plan costs $50 per user/month and you get 10 GB storage for your assets.

New Plans

· 2 min read

We're introducing new plans for PlayCanvas users.

More pricing options

When we started the PlayCanvas Pro accounts we wanted to keep it simple and give you an option to work in private on your projects.

Today we've launched new plans which extend our two existing plans based on your feedback to better fit your needs.

What's changed?

We've split our plan structure into two. Pro plans are for personal users and indie studios who want to work in private with increased storage. Org plans are for organizations and companies who want a little bit extra. All our Org plans come with our Bronze Support plan so you have access our development team when you need help.

Our original plans (Pro and Business) have simply been renamed to Pro 5 and Pro 10 and of course the Free plan stays free.

See the new plans below and take a look our pricing page.

Pro Plans

Org Plans


We're also introducing our Support plans for companies that want an extra level of security and care for their development projects. If you are interested in our Support plans get in touch and we can talk you through the options.


If you have any questions about our new pricing. Please email us and ask.