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Introducing JSON Script Attributes

· 2 min read
Steven Yau
Partner Relations Manager

JSON Script Attributes Preview

We have levelled up the Script Attributes that makes it much easier to organize and group related attributes together.

Using JSON, developers are able to define a schema for a data object that has multiple attributes and have them grouped together in the Inspector.

In the example below, we have created a JSON schema with the name ‘settings’ and has the attributes ‘gravity’, ‘startingHealth’ and ‘godMode’.

GameManager.attributes.add('settings', {
type: 'json',
schema: [{
name: 'gravity',
type: 'number',
default: -9.8
}, {
name: 'startingHealth',
type: 'number',
default: 20
}, {
name: 'godMode',
type: 'boolean',
default: false

In the Inspector, the data object is shown as a collapsible section:

Collapsible script settings

Even better, these data objects can made into an array! This is a huge improvement over having to organize multiple attribute arrays that was difficult to update and error prone to maintain.

Example JSON schema for an array of enemies:

GameManager.attributes.add('enemies', {
type: 'json',
schema: [{
name: 'health',
type: 'number',
default: 10
}, {
name: 'type',
type: 'number',
enum: [
{ 'Close Combat': 1 },
{ 'Range': 2 },
{ 'Both': 3 }
}, {
name: 'templateAsset',
type: 'asset',
assetType: 'template'
array: true

Becomes the following in the inspector which is so much cleaner!

Arrays of JSON objects

Read more in the documentation and let us hear your feedback in the forums!