Master Archer lands on Facebook Instant Games

We’re excited to announce the launch of Master Archer, our new Instant Game for Facebook Messenger. Shoot the fruit from Bob’s head and challenge your friends with your high score!

Only a week on from release and Master Archer has already cracked 1,000,000 players!


This shows the incredible viral power of Facebook’s new gaming platform.

Many developers make 3D apps with PlayCanvas, but as you can see, PlayCanvas can also be used to create beautiful 2D games as well.

To play, open Facebook Messenger, select a friend and hit the joypad icon:


And select Master Archer from the game list!

Or you can play on if you are using a desktop browser.

What's your high score?

Let us know your high score in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Master Archer lands on Facebook Instant Games

    1. Pretty much. I think with Telegram you have to make a bot as well so might be a little more complicated.

  1. Hello!! My high score is 1,345!

    I loved the game and hope it can be available for download in the App Store soon! Really enjoy the game!

  2. Le jeu ne charge pas sur mon téléphone. Pourtant c’est un téléphone assez recent. Tous les autres jeux fonctionnent sauf celui là. Que faire ?

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