Our new hero

Today we’re pleased to introduce the updated, all new and fancy Platform Game Starter Kit. We’ve worked hard with the talented artist from SWOOOP to provide a complete set of code and assets for you to build your own platform games.

From today, when you choose to create a new project you’ll be given the option to start using the new Platform Game Starter Kit. Your new project will contain a short, but full, platform game.


The Starter Kit contains the following assets:

  • Our hero Playbot - a fully rigged and animated robot character for you to use.
  • Idle, Run, Jump and Die animations for Playbot
  • A set of platforms in various shapes and sizes from 1x1 up to 4x4
  • Spike, our dumb and stupid AI bot
  • Punch, still pretty dumb, but don’t get too close or he’ll shoot.

We’re also supplying all the code for the game:

  • Platform Character Controller - the player
  • Enemy - a simple enemy AI
  • Enemy Punch - a simple enemy AI which can shoot at you
  • Mover - a moving platform
  • Goal - the target for the level
  • Damageable - add health and damage to an Entity

We’ll be writing more about the Platform Game Starter Kit in the next week to give you tips and challenges so that you can make the best use out of it. But before they arrive, create a new project using the kit, try it out and dig into the code to see how it was made.

Have fun, and look out for Punch!

Punch - the bad guy