SWOOOP title
SWOOOP - mobile browser game built using the PlayCanvas Engine

Today, PlayCanvas is excited to reveal SWOOOP. Our latest example of true cross-platform gaming.

In SWOOOP fly your bi-plane around a magical island collecting gems and competing for the highest score.

SWOOOP is a fantastic example of how PlayCanvas, WebGL and HTML5 are offering game developers new, efficient ways to create games and accessible ways to get games into the hands of players.

Created in just 4 weeks, SWOOOP was only possible because the powerful PlayCanvas Game Engine allows our developers to forget about the complexities of low-level graphics programming and concentrate on building fun, compelling gameplay and beautiful artwork.

Development of SWOOOP made heavy use of the real-time collaboration and cloud-hosted nature of PlayCanvas. It was made by just 2 developers, a single programmer and a single artist, located in different cities (Athens and London). This sort of remote development is only possible using our cloud-hosted toolset. It’s a game-changing technology for developers who’ve never had this feature before.

Try SWOOOP for yourselves at http://swooop.playcanvas.com/ it runs great in all modern browsers. For an even cooler experience try it in Chrome or Firefox for Android. SWOOOP is the world’s best looking game, available to play in mobile browsers.

Mobile App Stores

While SWOOOP runs great in browsers, both desktop and mobile, it’s important that we allow game creators the widest possible distribution. Which is why we’ve partnered with Ludei. Using their CocoonJS technology we’re able to compile SWOOOP to a native application that can run on both Android and iOS devices. Look out for SWOOOP in mobile app stores really soon.

Open Project

SWOOOP in Designer
The SWOOOP project is open to everyone

For PlayCanvas developers, there’s even better news. The SWOOOP project is open for you to view right now! Browse the project for yourself and learn how the PlayCanvas team make games using the engine.

And finally, don’t forget to share http://swooop.playcanvas.com with your friends and share your high scores with us!