Ludum Dare 31 has come and gone, but many great projects featured PlayCanvas over the course of the weekend. Here’s your round up for our involvement in one of the most popular Game Jams in the world.

Winter Blast

What is the Ludum Dare?

Remaining active for over 12 years (making it one of the longest Game Jams in existence) to this day LUDUM DARE is an event run by game developers for game developers. During a Ludum Dare, ‘developers from around the world spend a weekend creating games based on a theme suggested by the community’ competing for a grand prize of nothing. Crazy we know, but this grand prize is for good reason. Your prize is your product.

Ludum Dare 31 and PlayCanvas

Over the past weekend there was some great developing happening with PlayCanvas in the Ludum Dare. You can find the projects on our explore page but these incredible developers endured espionage grade sleep deprivation and probably experienced the full spectrum of human emotion. So for their efforts, we’ll happily give their creations some love.

The theme for LD31 was ‘Entire Game On One Screen’.

PlayCanvas user FELLADRIN made a colorful and thoroughly addictive balloon grabbing game called Ora Bolas! (seen below).

Ora Bolas

CREFOSSUS incorporated sky high teddy bears and computer brain interfaces in his 3D conceptual game. You can dig into the crazy story behind his project by clicking here.

Winter Blast, a twin stick shooter style game was also created over the course of the weekend. In this game you play a snowman in the unfortunate position of being subjected to wave after wave of evil, life draining snowmen. How long will you survive?

One game ‘jumped’ right into LD entry with Boing. Including things like super cool level transitions, the finished game is an incredibly fun side scrolling 2D style game. Why not check it out here?

While admittedly the finished version of Last Line of Defense is still in progress (post competition), one developer still managed to put together a fun tower defense game. Why not help this developer finish their game by commenting your advice in their devlog?

If you have enjoyed playing any of these games, log in on the Ludum Dare site and give them a well deserved vote on their respective Ludum Dare pages. You can also watch, star and comment on the game’s devlog via their PlayCanvas Pages. Replying to devlog posts in particular can really help the creator improve their project as your advice helps them.



If you feel that a weekend is too much of a rush to take part in a game jam then we have a great alternative for you. Last week we started our second PLAYHACK, after some great entries in our first PLAYHACK.

Our game jams work slightly to Ludum Dare but only in the amount of time given (1 month in our case) and the fact that we provide the model for your game. If this interests you, then you can find out everything you need to know about PLAYHACK December in our introductory blogpost and maybe we will be talking about your game at the end of the month.