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PlayCanvas Update 21/11/14

· 3 min read
Community Manager

We haven't been keeping up our weekly update as much as we really should and for that we are eternally sorry. However, from a new particle system beta to the even newer watching and starring functions this week is no disappointment. Lets go!



New Particle System

Our new Particle System is only in beta form but already we're seeing great things created with it. You can join by sending an email to We hope to release it to everyone in the next few weeks.

Project Pages

Project pages are now a public overview of your project. You can use the devlog to talk to other PlayCanvas users about your game. Devlogs go into the public feed on the welcome page.

Watching and Starring Projects

You can now Watch or Star PlayCanvas projects!

Watching a project tells us that you’re interested updates from this project. Soon we’ll start customizing your feed with updates from the projects that you’re watching.

Starring a project just tells us that you think it’s cool. You won’t receive any more information about it, but you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ve given the project’s owner a little boost to their day.

Project Stars


Theres so much new graphics stuff to announce, it gets its own section. Crazy, we know!

  • We have a completely new shader subsystem.
  • Support for far more lights in a scene.
  • Point lights can now cast shadows (like spot and directional lights). See cast shadows option in light component UI for point lights.
  • We added Fresnel reflection. Currently still a beta feature this is only enable via a script.
  • You can now use physically correct falloff mode for point and spot lights. See falloff mode in the light component UI. Current mode is linear, new mode is inverse squared.
  • Gamma correction is now enabled by default in scenes. For older projects you can turn this on in your scene settings.

Other News


We announced that PlayCanvas is now powering 3D Asset Store Propsplanet. Propsplanet is a great place to pick up beautiful game ready assets. Using their 3D preview you'll see exactly what the asset looks like in your game before you buy.


There is little over a week to go till the first PlayHack Game Jam closes, but it's never too late to enter! Find out everything you need to know here.

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