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PlayCanvas Update 27/06/14

· 2 min read
Community Manager

No one ever called us inactive, we've had a busy week and we want to tell you all about it. Here’s a run down on improvements to the engine and what happened behind the scenes at PlayCanvas this week.

The award winning colorTanks

New Custom and Built-In Post Effects

Now you can select new modifications for your entity or you can create your own. we even have a step by step guide to help you write the custom script.

Post Effects
Beautiful Post Effects on Playbot


Will made a trip to Spain as he showed off some Cloud Game Development at ARM's Booth in Barcelona and Dave gave attendees an introduction to PlayCanvas at a London event warming up to the GBSG Jam.

Arm Booth
Showing off in Barcelona

PlayCanvas Projects

Some members of the PlayCanvas Community made real strides with their projects too. Check out this great game by PlayCanvas user rerofumi.

One of your five a day: 'Tamaaanya' a cute carrot munching game made by PlayCanvas user rerofumi

Also, PlayCanvas Senior Engineer Max gave his award winning game colorTanks a facelift too. Give it a try here!

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