TANX Takes WebGL Gaming to a New Level

One of the most popular WebGL games today is TANX, our online tank battle game. WebGL brings developers amazing new possibilities: lightning fast load times, cross-platform play, easy sharing, incredible performance. It all adds up to instant, pure fun.

But as good as TANX is, we’ve been working hard on a major upgrade. And we’re happy to announce that it’s live today! So what’s new?

We’ve added a brand new level. We’ve moved away from the ‘TRON’ style graphics and adopted a more realistic style. Beautiful, I hope you’ll agree.


All power ups have been lovingly remodeled.


We’ve added a very sexy shield effect. See it crackle with energy as it kicks in. All done in a special custom GLSL shader.


To turn up the mayhem, we’ve added camera shake and punchy explosions, built with PlayCanvas’ particle system component.



The game even has a new URL. Play now at:


Public Service Announcement: TANX is highly addictive. Please take occasional breaks!

Can you believe this game is playable after loading just 2.8MB of data? Massive fun delivered to your browser in seconds.

We hope you love this update. But what do we have planned for the future? Is there more to come? You’d better believe it! Our games team is now working full-time on TANX so expect continual updates over the coming months. Send us your feature requests and suggestions in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “TANX Takes WebGL Gaming to a New Level

  1. Did you think about adding option to use only keyboard? Like moving on WASD, rotating on arrows and firing on Space? I wanted to check it out, but I’m too lazy to plug the mouse into my laptop (and go sit at the table). =D

    1. You would be at a massive disadvantage against players with mouse which gives you so much more precision. Shooting accurately is very key to the game. Using just the keyboard would very likely be a frustrating experience.

  2. I try to play, but I can’t see my tank, just the circle on the ground and the fancy shield. All other objects (landscape and power-up) are visible.

    1. Interesting. Which browser and OS? Do you see any error messages in your JavaScript console in your browser? (If you know how to access that, that is.)

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