PlayCanvas Update 13/06/14


After a busy week here in the PlayCanvas office, we thought what better way to champion our efforts than to give you a taste of whats happened at HQ. We plan to start a series of weekly updates so you know what is keeping PlayCanvas at its best. This week; 

  • We completely reworked our back-end API. All page loads are now 50% to 1000% times quicker.
  • We have also made an improvement to the manoeuvrability of Entities as we introduced a new default Snap option. This function allows you to move incrementally within the PlayCanvas Designer (find more information on the Snap function here).
  • Lastly we are happy to introduce a brand new platform starter kit which features a contribution from the artist who worked with us on Swooop! (read all about it here).

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Christy O'Connor