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PLAYHACK: We have a winner!

· One min read

PLAYHACK April ended last week and we've spent the weekend rolling balls and dodging platforms.

Many strong entries this month, but we chose our winner based on how they delivered the complete package. Over 32 levels designed, audio, user interface, a tutorial. And it becomes the second PLAYHACK game to make it on the Chrome Web Store.


Congratulations to axondesign who made Marbleous, our favorite game this PLAYHACK.

We also wanted to do a big shout out to our runners up, hoshi , roonio and knownasilya who all made awesome games as well. Try them out below.

Hoshi's Coins




Why not try your hand at building a game this month. Our new PLAYHACK is under way right now. Get Started, you can win a Google Cardboard.

Happy Building